imageI’ve been bad, busy, and neglecting you! I’ve been so busy making big things for you this summer that I haven’t posted a blog lately… Well here’s one I want you to help me with! I answer fan questions all day on twitter, so now I’d like you to answer a few of mine!

  1. What’s your favorite part/feature on AshGirl.com?
  2. What’s missing on this page that you would like to see or see more of?
  3. How long have you been an Ashaholic?
  4. How are you coping with your addiction?
  5. Have you checked out AdultMerch.com or CrystalDelights.com for tools to satisfy your addiction?
  6. Who was your favorite Ashaholics podcast guest?
  7. Which is your favorite AshGirl photo/video?
  8. Would you take me home to mom?
  9. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

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  • Gideon Stargrave

    1. Ash Hollywood

    2. Ash Hollywood

    3. Three years.

    4.Masturbation and dry humping.

    5. Yes.

    6. Too many to chose from.

    7. AG 28 and 30, Ash Hollywood 062
    But looking forward to your shoot with Skin!

    8. Definitely.
    9. Reed Richard’s intellect, but with Captain America’s humility and fidelity to good.

  • 1. What’s NOT to love? Too many to choose from but I love Ashaholics cos you conduct the interviews the way you want & with your own unfiltered opinions unlike Tap That Ash where you have to cater more to the callers.


    3. Since August 12, 2011 after I saw you in Spider-Man XXX.

    4. Quite swimmingly. 40+ DVDs later, my addiction is far from being satiated. Can’t wait to see ya again in November! :)

    5. Why yes. Yes I have. Been meaning to pick up that issue of Penthouse that has the pictorial of you & Bree Olson.

    6. I’m partial to the one with Katie Kinns cos y’all gave me a shout out but I would have to say Episode 6 with Samantha Bentley. That’s also where I got my “It’s LItERaLly going to be a lot” notification tone. I showed it to her at AVN & she loved it! LOL

    7. Photo set is a toss up between 19 & 27. Video would be AG19 cos I love that song!

    8. Abso-fucking-lutely!!

    9. The telepathic ability to make people projectile vomit & have explosive diarrhea at the same time. Because it’s fuckin’ hilarious & I hate people. LOL

  • Jimmy Parras

    1. The gallery section!

    2. More photos, perhaps?

    3. My addiction began 3 years ago…. October 20th 2011 to be exact! ..It was then, when i grabbed the latest issue of Fox Magazine and saw you on the cover…….

    4. “Beyond the addiction: Through the Eyes of An Ashaholic”

    ….I’ll let you know when it’s published….

    5. Yes i have!

    6. Kendall Karson.

    7. All photo sets and videos! It’s impossible to pick just one.

    8. Without a doubt!! :)

    9. Telekinesis! Because bending spoons with your hands is just too easy.

  • Taylor

    1. Definitely the podcast, really funny and awesome.
    2. I’m not sure, its pretty great the way it is.
    3.Since 2012 when i found you on Brazzers.
    4. I am coping very well with the Brazzers videos and the videos on Naughty America, and this website of course.
    5. I have checked it and I am seriously considering buying one of the DVDs
    6. Kendall Karson
    7. Definitely the gallery 079
    8. Of course I would, I wouldn’t care what she thought
    9. I would want the power of the flash, besides being super fast, he uses in crazy ways and it is able to think very fast. Also the vibrating power would certainly help in the bedroom.