Hard Fest 2013

Well my Ashaholics…I have been quite the busy little bee. Not only have I been shooting my little heart out, but I’ve also been out and about to quite a few shows lately! My first even post burning man was Hard Fest 2013. I love hitting this event up in la as it’s held downtown, and really easy to get to via the subway…although best of all is the TWO DAY LINE UP!!!

The first night I got there a little late and was only able to see two and a half sets,  but that didn’t stop me from dancing my little EDM loving heart out!

The second night was even better. I discovered a new dj called David Heartbreak that’s wasn’t bad, and Deadmau5 put on a great show! Most of the sets we watched had great spots just standing and dancing in the beer garden and we all know I can’t dance without a little Jack in me.

To my pleasant surprise this rave offered a lot of great food. I deep throated a couple hot dogs and there was even healthy food available to my surprise (hence the smoothie station photo).

If you haven’t seen any DJs in la yet I highly recommend hitting this event. It happens once in the summer and again in the fall (day of the dead themed) and it also begins during the day and ends promptly around 2am.

Enjoy the photos! I know most of them are crappy stage photos but I could barely contain my dancing long enough to take more pics (:

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