So Halloween is usually everyones favorite holiday…aka drinking excuse. Only for this one men and women, boys and girls, get to be creative…or not. All in all we have fun! My entire weekend was dedicated to the holiday. Saturday was fun filled dancing and dubstep, celebrating Evol Grrl’s birthday with friends Lexi Belle and Andy San Dimas. The lovely ladies dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters, and I myself went with “daddy issues” Tinkerbell. We stayed up all night long dancing and woke up with the sun, and back in sleepless Hollywood I had the bright idea to day drink with some of my friends until my roommate and I would go dance our booties off again to see Afrojack. My abs are sore, my body bruised, and all different types of electronic still playing in my head. I spent actual Halloween recovering and sleeping. This little girl has a BUSY week ahead of her so I had to play Good and not Trouble. Oh! and wait! I’m STILL gathering together pictures so expect another little halloween tid bit somewhere around this week that i will sneak in. xo~

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