Gone Girl

Weekend-book-picks-Gone-Girl-Wife-22-HE1KIJRP-x-largeI have a new addiction and its this book I’m reading called “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. I’ve never been into suspenseful novels in particular, but after reading half of this book I bought on a whim to keep me entertained on a long New York bound flight, I immediately went and purchased Flynn’s two previous novels, “Sharp Objects” and “Dark Places”. Seriously, I read this book for 6 hours straight, paired with a Virgin America bottle of wine and artisan cheese selection. It was a sliver of heaven in the otherwise hellacious traveling tradition (I may add that I was assigned a middle seat).

The story of Gone Girl takes a look into a married couple, Nick and Amy who begin in New York, both very successful writers for magazines. Nick, a twin, has a journalism background and is originally a southern boy from the waters of the Mississippi River on the banks of Missouri. Amy, an only child and a product of two famous psychologists writes quizzes for women’s’ magazines and earned her fortune from her parents’ line of books loosely based on her called “Amazing Amy”. The economy hits hard just as Nick is stricken with grief back in his southern home and he and Amy are forced to give up the city life and relocate to small town Missouri to help his famly. Their marriage is strained and begins to deteriorate, but the troubles don’t stop there. Amy disappears, and the public goes crazy to find the famous and beautiful writer, and so does her husband even though he’s suspect number one and all odds are against him.

Is she dead? Did Nick do it? I’d tell you more but I highly suggest curling up with a warm cup of tea and nuzzling up to this book. Every chapter kept me on my toes and I kept reading to find out more. Flynn is a wonderfully creative and insanely witty writer. I fell in love with the characters and their eloquent voice mixed with their smart humor. She has a way of really making you feel the characters and feel for them. This book is interesting because each chapter alternates the first person views of Nick, and then to Amy. It’s a brilliant way to split the story between the two characters!

After reading some of this book I did a little research on the author and I was intrigued to find out that along with the character Nick, Gillian herself also grew up in Missouri, and studied journalism. Additionally, she and her main character moved to New York and wrote for top magazines. Flynn is married to her husband, Brett Nolan, and on her blog says they have a son and a black cat by the name of Roy (I really do enjoy that they name their cat as part of the family). As an author she and her novels have won an astonishing amount of awards including but not limited to two of Britain’s Daggers (for Sharp Objects, the first novel ever to do so) and multiple New York Time’s Bestsellers” lists (which is where I found my three copies in the airport!)

I need to quit rambling my head of now as I have approximately two hundred more pages in this book to complete and I’m dying to find out the outcome of this wicked tale about the darkest sides of marriage. Oh, and spoiler alert… The movie is already being cast! Rumor has it Reese Witherspoon will produce the movie (although she’d make a damn good Amy), and Ben Affleck will also be involved, playing the lead role of Nick. Flynn will be writing the script, which is very fitting and David Fincher to direct. Bye!

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