A new year has arrived as were all aware and everyone is buzzing around trying to be the best of the best of themselves. I’m all for self improvement so I made a list of goals for this year for myself. Now, some of these may seem comical, although its recommended to have challenging and easily attainable goals as not to discourage oneself from the entire list.

1. Send Ash Hollywood to charm school. Lets face it, I could use some reforming on that side of my life.

2. Always use my blinker. Granted, this is a driving law that I should abide by at all times but the entire city of LA seems to forget they are there.

3. Keep my closet clean. This wouldn’t be so much an issue except I’m thoroughly convinced that my clothes are rapidly producing and having children of smaller, skankier versions of their former selves.

4. Be more active! Last year I spent a depressing amount of time indoors and since the world didn’t end, and nothing life changing happened, I’ve decided to join the mundane act of socialization and meet new people. Maybe even snag a bit of a tan.

5. Create monthly budgets. This sounds silly. I mean why wouldn’t I do that already?! Well I’m a girl in my 20s and I have the ability to blow money off faster than a frustrated 40 year old virgin. Frivolous spending is over and this is the year for save save save!

6. I shall bring no harm upon myself. We all need a little personal care. I began this last year but now it’ll carry on. NO DRUGS, NO DRINKING, NO SMOKING. I’m also trying to give up coffee (I’m having an affair with tea). I’m sure my lovely Mary Jane will continue to make an appearance occasionally but who can give up on that sweet girl?

7. Form stronger relationships from the ones I already have. Friends, family, strangers, doesn’t matter. I spent all of last year “taking out the trash” so to speak and I was left with an amazing bunch. It’s time to show appreciation.

8. Sell my soul to AshGirl.com. Settle down you guys we all know I don’t have a soul to give to begin with. Just wait until later this year…you’ll see exactly where all that hard work is going!

9. ORGANIZE! This year I’m starting off neurotically organized! I am after all a business owner so indeed my shit must be in order. I’m hoping if I start off at a high bar, the medium one that I sulk down to by February will still be an acceptable one.

10. Buy another car. This is for the safety of myself. I’ve been in three accidents in the last year with the car I have (by the way never buy a gunmetal grey car, it’s the same color as the asphalt). My inner lesbian is screaming for a truck. If I get a big one then of course I’ll be compensating for my lack of male genitalia, although I’m sure there will always be a large black strap on somewhere in a bag in the truck.

11. Do not embarrass myself at any adult award show or convention. I’ve had a couple times in the past where I’ve caused trouble, and even was close to being arrested my first AVN for taking down a hot makeup artist in the middle of the casino and ravishing her and last year called Dave Navarro a clown…but since Jack and I broke up I think this will be easier for me. Oh and the charm school will help my red carpet interviews too!

12. Make lists! Like this one I’m making now! Almost every night or morning I make a list of the things I need to do the next day. It helps clear my head for sleep and gets me organized for the day!

13. Release the beast. Okay go ahead and laugh at this one, but the Ash you see on camera is going to be even filthier, nastier, and in your face…or you on mine…or something like that.

What are your goals this year Ashaholics?!

Ps- here’s a photo of me last year on set, last day of the year snowboarding, and last day of the year for my babies Lucifur and Satan.

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