Funny People

ah_funnySo today, after a heavy drinking binge, I decided to compile a list of hilarious comedians. Now, I must warn the general public because I like highly abrasive comedy. I like the ones who aren’t afraid to get down, dirty, and racist, no matter what their background. Why you may ask? Well, mainly because I’m the same way. If I was paid for how many times I have been asked, “Will you tweet this because you can because I can’t, ” honestly I would be a small time millionare. Anyways, onto the general topic of the blog…

1. George Carlin – Although this particular man is no longer with us, I praise him because he had the ability to be highly inappropriate, yet at the same time highly political. I also have a special connection to him because we have a similar name. That’s another story for another time.
2. Louis C.K. – An American writer, producer, director, and actor; it is actually a little known fact that he is also a Mexican citizen due to his mother. Originally an insult comedian from the east
coast, Louis has a way of putting mid age American life into a clear and comical perspective.
3. Colin Kane – Originally born in NY (men whom I seem to have a weakness for) Colin also seems to have an “in your face” way of comedy with an “I don’t care what you think” attitude. I have been personal friends with him for a couple things now and I make a point to make every single one of his LA shows. I love that Colin leaves no subject untouched even though he borderlines racism constantly. We can’t grow as a nation if we can’t create humor from our problems first, right?
4. Anthony Jeselnik – Originally from Pittsburg of all dark and dismal places in the U.S, Anthony has a certain charm in delivering his particularly dismal humor. He’s full of short one liners, and if you’re not paying attention, you wonder how and why this man is not being censored on public television; I think thats why I love him so much.
5. Amy Schumer – A pretty blonde and busty female comedian who grew up in Manhattan and has been Comedy Central with her own series “Inside Amy.” I don’t usually enjoy most female comedians, but Amy is willing to be open completely about a promiscuous sex life upon her other “not so lady like” opinions. I can always respect a fellow gemini female that doesn’t care if she collects a few gasps on stage, and I especially like her pokes at feminine stereotypes within her CS series.
So who are your top 5 in the funny section?

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