From Mini to Adulthood

Unknown-5I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we all reflect on our childhood in different ways. Many of us constantly refer back to life lessons; motherly advice, fatherly demonstrations of strength, smells that remind us of a kitchen back when. The memories are there even if you don’t replace yourself back in the moments, parts of our subconscious hold on to the nurture. There are many many things from my younger days that I still hold onto today.

  1. Nap Time – Why on Earth would anyone ever get rid of nap time?! Granted, I fought it when I was first introduced to it, but I take a nap every single day in the middle of the day. Only 30 minutes to become completely recharged and ready for the day.
  2. Bath Time – As I’m writing this I’m drawing a nice Epsom salt bath. Back in the day it was all bubbles and playtime. Now I mix salts and oils to begin my day! …Maybe SOME playtime still.
  3. Playing with My Food – Okay, I’m not talking about food fights or sneaking the veggies under the table to the dog. Now, I play with food daily because I love to cook! I make up new recipes, and try new foods… The possibilities are endless in the kitchen!
  4. Bedtime Snack – I would hope that everyone has had a delicious treat or two before bed. My favorite use to be root beer floats while experimenting with different sodas, although now as a creative adult and stoner…. Well things get a little crazy. My new favorite snack is a little bit of ice cream with cereal on top.
  5. Play Outside – I love being outdoors. I’m a huge camper and am obsessed with wakeboarding and snowboarding.
  6. Perfume and Scents – This one I had to throw in because my perfume I wear has influence from my garden back home. The lilac trees would always blossom and we had lavender and jasmine near my window.

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