1. How did you get your name, Ash Hollywood?
Ash was my nickname growing up and always the name I preferred to be called by. Ashley is an annoying common name that I felt never suited me. I’ve always been a tomboy, never a girly girl. Plus, every Ashley I ever met during my lifetime I never got along with. Hollywood came as a nickname in my later years. I’m the girl who everyone wants to get ahold of, and my phone is always exploding with attempted communication.  What can I say, they all want me.

2. What is your typical day?
My typical day depends on whether I’m working or not. Although, I’m beginning to believe I never really have “days off”. If I’m working, I wake up, pack my bags for my necessary wardrobe, shower, and then proceed in the cattle herd of traffic known as the LA freeways. After a small rave conducted in my car while being stuck in traffic, I make it to my location and jump into hair and makeup. After being pampered and made pretty, I usually step into what we call “pretty girls,” which are the glamour stills that you find yourself making your desktop and cell phone backgrounds. Preceding this is sex stills, or the video, depending on the director. My work days are, on average, 4-5 hours long, sometimes more. After, I return home and enjoy a nice dinner. To save you the absolute boredom of my days off, I’ll simply say that I spend my day driving all over Los Angeles completing errands. Still not satisfied with my answer? Well the real fun happens at night, and those stories you can read on my blog.

3. How did you get into porn?
I don’t really have a cool story or answer for this one, but I’m asked it all the time. I was a mainstream model for almost two years before getting into porn. I traveled the country and made a decent living representing myself. Although if you don’t know already you’ll find out quickly that I get bored easily. One day after moving to Colorado I woke up and wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing or where I was headed. Ironically enough, an agent contacted me personally asking if I was seeking representation and if I would like to come out to California. Three months later I did, and I haven’t looked back since.

4. Where are you from?
Many people think I am from Arizona. I’ve never been to AZ in my life, although during a scene I say I’m from AZ. Not true. I am from all over and have lived in several different states all over the nation. If you need a real answer, I grew up most of my life in the Midwest, mainly dancing around Minnesota and Michigan. That’s only my physical being. Truly I stem from your wildest dreams where you, the fans, have created me.

5. Why do you have those lips tattooed on your neck and what does your arm say?
My first tattoo ever I wanted to be something I would never regret. The writing on my arm belongs to a very special person to me. We’ve survived death together and so much more. The name belongs to my best friend. The lips on my neck I got in 2011 and they also belong to someone who means a lot to me. You may know her as well, she goes by Brooke Haven. The lips were done by her favorite tattoo artist whose name escapes me at the moment. The lips are true to size and she also has my lips tattooed on her left shoulder.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
Food. I have an obsession with food. Believe it or not, I eat like I am three times my weight and I love to cook. I prefer a home cooked meal from scratch over going out to eat any night. What can I say? I’m pretty domesticated.

7. Do you still have sexual fantasies?
I have sexual fantasies almost every three seconds of the day if not more. It’s become more prevalent since sex has grown to be more than just my personal life. I fantasize about basic things such as a man slowly and sensually teasing my body and taking his time pleasing me, to me dominating three beautiful Asian girls in a snowstorm while they are bound and gagged. Yes, I’m twisted.

8. Is it true that blondes have more fun?
Fuck other blondes, I HAVE MORE FUN. Enough said. Next.

9. Who are you favorite grrls to work with?
I love girls who love girls. I understand the personal reasons for not doing boy/girl and only doing girl/girl, but if you don’t love what you do you should probably consider changing your ways. Currently the top on my list of grrls to work with are Aiden Ashley, Lexi Belle, Breanne Benson, and Vicki Chase, to name a few off the top of my head. There are other female performers I’m very excited to work with and hope I get the pleasure of doing so, but in the end I’m greedy…I want a taste of everyone.

10. How did you hook up with Juliland.com and Richard Avery?
This has to be the most entertaining story in the world to me, but also the usual way my life leads me. During AVN 2011, I was hanging out in my agents hotel room after the main events of AVN and just so happened to stay in Vegas an extra day for fun. In this room I met the two beautiful girls Aiden Ashley and Jayden Cole. Among all of the randomness and debauchery of the weekend, we decided to have one more night of it, our way. The two initiated me into a new world and I didn’t even know it. They took me under their evol wings and coached me in the ways of Juliland and told me that they would be my safe-word in. Not too long after I ran away to Juliland to become another heartbroken damsel of Dick Avery, trying to win his approval. He’ll love me soon enough, and I will be the favorite, no matter how many milkshakes and cookies it takes me.

11. If you could punch one person in the nose, who would it be and why?
Everyone deserves to be punched in the nose and some point or another. I hate everyone and everything equally and I’m consistent. I’d love to answer this question honestly, but it changes daily for me every day. One day you’ll see me out on Hollywood Blvd. giving out free punches to the nose instead of hugs or star maps. Cheers.