Family is a word that may mean something warm and fuzzy to you, or it may mean the complete opposite.  A family can be made up of people you are related to, or a close group of people you may call family. Whatever your family is, never forget the importance of them.

In this last year I have lost 7 family members and in the last week had to attend to funeral services back to back. Its been really heart wrenching. On top of it all I’ve looked around at my family and I can easy spot the ones that aren’t going to make it through the next 5 years. Needless to say I’m coming to that age where I’m more aware of death and its affecting me at a higher level because these are the people that are closest to me and as a child I thought would be around forever. Losing family is part of growing up…a hard part of growing up.

If you’re reading this blog I challenge you to take a moment, no matter what your status is with your family, good or bad… and let them know that you love and appreciate them. None of this would be in this world or survived it up until now if it wasn’t for someone. Make sure you tell them you love them, even if you have to lie. It helps, a lot.

If there is anyone in your life, whether they are related or not, if they have been there for you then thank them. People do kind things because they care, and they will stop doing them if they feel unappreciated. Returning the favor can be as simple as acknowledging that kind act. It’s a free gift and its quite simple. Take a moment out of your day to make someone else’s today.

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  • candide


    Death is unfair and takes away people without worrying about the damage that this may cause.

    She always takes way too early. I agree with you, I must say things to people that we love but I think whatever happens when death occurs it will always blame, having spent more time with the person. And once it’s too late, the words that one would tell them swirling in your head. It’s human. You’re never really ready to face death.

    We must learn to live without the people we love. And that is what is the hardest. Everyone finds a way to do it or other’ll never make.

    I do not wanna live without them. I decided they would always be there with me in my thoughts but not physically in the same place in my heart. And as my memories remain intact, they will remain alive in me.

    I sympathize with your suffering and I do not want you to believe that I criticize what you say on the contrary I really respect.

    But I just wanted to add that there is no single how to deal with death but there are many as there are people who populate this earth.

    With all the solicitude of a french man,


  • Love this. It’s true, I’ve always said it, family is the best! There’s nothing I care for more in the world than my family. And yes it’s true, we need to let them know how we feel, and let them know how much they mean to us, because we never know when something could happen. You’re awesome, loved your opinion on this topic :)