Extreme Dating

fefd9352-f26d-40dd-bc6e-452cbcab8870I’d like to call myself an extreme person. At least, in the past that’s how others have described me. I love to snowboard, wakeboard…and have a small collection of hobbies that could easily break my bones. Once I became a model the extreme didn’t end there. Soon, I was into BDSM and pushing not only my limits but others as well.

Background story and leather aside… I got to thinking what my idea of a first date would be. They’re always so strange and awkward (sort of like spelling the word awkward) and I think something life threatening would really turn me on.

  1. Skydiving – I’ve never been and I really want to go. What else would get me more wet than having a harness pressing between my legs as we jump from high up in a plane and hope we make it alive to have victory sex at the end?!
  2. Rock climbing – Something I have also never done that I would love to do. I’m pretty active, but the joint effort it takes to climb to the top of a mountain or hill would get me hot and sweaty, ready for more exercise that night!
  3. Bungee jumping – Similar to sky diving, although this takes “jump off a bridge” to a whole new thrilling level.
  4. Base Jumping – Most people don’t know that B.A.S.E. is actually an acronym for Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth (cliffs). This is also similar to sky diving but instead of jumping from a plane, we would be jumping from a tall structure and parachuting down. Great summer first date!
  5. Parkour – There are plenty of indoor parks for you and I to practice, so this is more than a first date experience. Once we’ve got all our practice down, maybe I could chase you through the streets and see who catches whom first. Sexy ninja first date.
  6. Shooting (at a gun range) – Like I said before I’ve been called extreme, and I’m anything but a lady. Give me a weapon and lets shoot a target. The higher the danger, the more turned on I’ll be.
  7. Paintballing – I’ve been paintballing plenty of times, but never for a date. Lets shoot each other until the messy death and get cleaned up just to get dirty again. You can rub all my bruises out that are guaranteed to come.
  8. Motocross – I love the dirt and I love bikes. I use to ride a lot when I was younger but I haven’t been in a while. Put some power between my legs and lets hit some jumps!
  9. BMX/Skateboarding – Of all the board sports, I really only wakeboard and snowboard, although if you take me to a track on the first date I could pull off some pretty good BMX stunts on a bike. If you have the time and mental capacity for it, maybe you’ll con me onto the skateboard to pull some tricks!
  10. Mountain biking – So I have some great skills on a bike, but I’ve never done it in extreme terrain. Take me out to a mountain, hand me a helmet (trust me we’ll need it) and lets push our physical strength to the limits!