dubstepThis morning over my cup-o-joe (If you are picturing me drinking a cup of Joe’s seamen right now than your mind is far too simple and perverse to intellectually comprehend the thoughts that will be continued in the rest of this blog. Please excuse yourself.) I began reading an article on the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/earth-like-planets-are-ri_n_2632324.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular) saying that there are “Earth-like” planets closer to our planet than we previously predicted. Although these planets are orbiting around Red Dwarf stars as close as 13 light years away (76 trillion miles), which may seem quite far to us, is actually astronomically quite close. This got me thinking…

What would you do if you had an extraterrestrial friend?? What would they look like? Would they look human? Would they walk on two legs? Would they be friendly? Personally, I imagine my ET friend would walk on two legs, have amphibian like greyish skin, a human-like form, and eyes that resemble that of a cat. For some reason to me this just makes sense….Almost like a typical alien movie. My friend and I would speak telepathically and although they would tell me their name I would call them “Exxy” for short. They would explain to me that their species does not use contact to procreate, but instead reproduce only for need of survival of the race by way of asexual reproduction. The evolution of their species has caused them to not have reproductive organs since they reproduce from themselves. Exxy says its similar to cloning. Being so, I can neither call them “him” or “her” as gender does not apply here. My ET friend is ragingly intelligent, and also highly mischievous. Our telepathic communication allows us to play pranks easily, and also to silently plan in the moment.

I would take my ET friend to Vegas. Exxy fits in perfectly with the strange late night crowd and some of their gifts allow them to blend into crowds and shadows. Of course we would win big with our secret conversations and Exxy’s amazing ability to calculate probability in Nano seconds. Next we would buy out a restaurant all to ourselves that night, one with a large variety of food for my friend to try. After an extensive taste test of all the culinary wonders from sushi to confectionary, we would wonder the strip until the sun rose. The next day we would go to the south Caribbean and go scuba diving so I could show my friend the alternative world within our world. Did you know the oceans are the only unexplored territory left on Earth?

After getting all wet and wild seeing the wonders of the ocean, Exxy and I would then reach for the sky, literally. I would take my friend on a night skydiving jump over Tokyo Bay, one of the most well lit areas in the entire world at night. The brightest happens to be Las Vegas, but we were just there the previous night! Of course, my next step would be flying….in Exxy’s ship! Unfortunately though, I would not be the first porn star in space as CoCo Brown just bought a $100,000 ticket to go to space next year. That story can be seen here: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/-coco-brown-porn-star-in-space/510b0dd978c90a22fc00025c

Enough about me and my new best friend….Tell me about yours.  :-)

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  • Loonwolf

    Don’t trust what these people who are part of “the system” say; they always leave out vital facts which prove their theories are wrong. The planet Earth is a VERY special planet, with an extremely rare stable sun, and the scientific and natural evidence all clearly points out that life DOES NOT EVOLVE, neither can it begin without being specifically designed and manufactured.

    There are NO “Earth-like planets” – find out the missing information (Eg. “Airy’s Failure” experiment covered up by the current corrupt scientific community, and consider why nearby “Earth-like” planet Mars suffers from regular planet-wide dust storms).

    It is extremely unlikely there are these kind of extraterrestrials you consider, but instead you may need to look beyond this current universe into the next dimension to find your extraterrestrials, which changes their nature.

  • Loonwolf

    My Extraterrestrial friend is invisible. But one can see what is not by inverting what is. Everything around is like “his” clothing (his being goes beyond gender); by observing the world I am able to picture his movements behind it – imagine an invisible man dancing while wearing hat and full clothes – can you SEE the invisible man?
    It responds to me, seems to play with me – it is a JOKER! I ask for things and they happen immediately. I am in unbearable pain, it will never end, but I beg the Joker, and it suddenly stops without any apparent reason. I start looking closely at him and he reveals things to me, helps me, tells me secrets. He tells me what to do and everything works out perfectly, even in the face of certain defeat. And it makes him happy.
    I love my Extraterrestrial. :D

    • That is an AMAZING description of your friend! I love jokers!