Execution of Seduction

ah_executionI’m sure many of you that claim to be addicted to the girl that goes by the name, Ash Hollywood, have always wondered what a night with her would be like. Well boys, put your dicks away and get out some pen and paper. It’s time to take notes. As for the ladies, you don’t need to read this, I’m here to please and eat pussy like its my first meal out of prison – I’ll do all the work for the female form. Girls just need to lie back and be pretty for me (;

So Gentlemen, are you ready to learn how to please me and be my personal toy?….

-First and foremost, make me want you. How do you do that you ask? I love to feel wanted, needed, craved for. Tell me in the way you kiss me, whisper it in my ear, show me in the way you grab me. Now you’re off to a good start.

-Next, long passionate kisses. I have an oral fixation, and if you pass my kissing test and we combine together to make a mind blowing make out session, then you’re getting the V.

-Work your way down. Nibbles on the neck always turn me on. Next hit the nipples with your tongue. They’re my (not so secret now) extra sensitive spot.

-Whether I’m already dripping wet or not (and I should be by now) next step is to swan dive face first into that cunt. Now, if there is inability to perform to my cunnilingus standards, then the seduction stops here. I can’t give away all the secrets so figure this one out on your own….or I’ll just have to grab your head and use your face for my pleasure until your tongue falls off. I am not help liable for any noses broken in the grinding process.

Make me cum as many times as you can before you fuck me. I have a greedy pussy, and just once isn’t enough. I want to be trembling before you even put your cock in me. This turns me into a ravishing sex siren. Be prepared to ice your cock later.

Tease me with your cock. Right on my clit is the spot. I could cum just from a cock sliding across my clit and teasing my hole.

Now if you’ve completed all of this steps and I’m still not allowing you to fuck me, its because I’m blonde and you know what they say, “Blondes tease, brunettes please.” I’m the only blonde in this universe so maybe try one of the other grrls? Skip Evol Aiden, she’s a man hater and eater. All the others are good cock pleasers though! Just ask Dick Avery…