Email • 12.20.11

Here’s my video response to your amazing emails.  Please keep them coming.  Ask me anything!  Send them to  :-)

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  • heh. I just watched you bust your email reading cherry and it was pretty fucking funny. You didn’t read MY question, but who the fuck knows if I even sent you one. haha. I got that CRS disease.. Can’t remember shit. #lamejoke Anywaaaays, peace out. I’m gonna go do the Christmas family thang now.. I think they want me to throw on a Santa suit and run across the yard or something..

    • have a feeling you can come up with a few great questions for me for the next time we do this video :)

  • I absolutely love this idea! Wish more girls in the A.I. would do something like this. I know ones with personal sites do cam shows with their members but this is the next best thing outside of communicating with you via Twitter, especially since you’re not charging for this site.