Eat Me

So we all know I’m a foody. Fuck being a tiny girl, I eat like a Clydesdale. So here are the top ten food and or drink items I could NEVER live without. I swear if I could I’d have drinks like Jack Daniels and Red Bull sponsor me if I could.

  1. COFFEE! – Must have my coffee all through the day. Remember the show Weeds and how she always has a cup in hand? Thats right, I taught her that.
  2. Jack Daniels – I’m far from an alcoholic but damn do I enjoy my man Jack. With a splash of Coke Zero and I’m a happy grrl.
  3. Dark Chocolate – My whole world would crash down without this bitter sweetness. Its my personality in a chocolate bar.
  4. Chicken – I take my chicken tits every which way: grilled, baked, sautéed, marinated, doesn’t matter. Give me chicken boobs or give me death
  5. Mexican food – oh its soo good. Its got beans, rice, and everything spice. Om nom nom
  6. Thai food – I’m a total sucker for spicy curries on a bed of rice. Coconut soup is pretty nom-tastic also
  7. SUSHI!! – I can never get enough of those sushi rolls. Funny part is, you have no idea whether I’m talking food or if I’m talking grrls. Mwhahahaha
  8. Lobster – I’d give my left labia to produce a fresh hot lobster in front of me at will…with a side of clarified butter pls!
  9. Smoothies – I make them almost every day. Straight fruit. Soooo yummy :D
  10. Sour Candy – I’m not sure why but I’m a total nut over sour candy like Sour Patch kids and Sour Gummy Worms. They make my mouth water *drool*
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