Eat Me

So we all know I’m a foody. Fuck being a tiny girl, I eat like a Clydesdale. So here are the top ten food and or drink items I could NEVER live without. I swear if I could I’d have drinks like Jack Daniels and Red Bull sponsor me if I could.

  1. COFFEE! – Must have my coffee all through the day. Remember the show Weeds and how she always has a cup in hand? Thats right, I taught her that.
  2. Jack Daniels – I’m far from an alcoholic but damn do I enjoy my man Jack. With a splash of Coke Zero and I’m a happy grrl.
  3. Dark Chocolate – My whole world would crash down without this bitter sweetness. Its my personality in a chocolate bar.
  4. Chicken – I take my chicken tits every which way: grilled, baked, sautéed, marinated, doesn’t matter. Give me chicken boobs or give me death
  5. Mexican food – oh its soo good. Its got beans, rice, and everything spice. Om nom nom
  6. Thai food – I’m a total sucker for spicy curries on a bed of rice. Coconut soup is pretty nom-tastic also
  7. SUSHI!! – I can never get enough of those sushi rolls. Funny part is, you have no idea whether I’m talking food or if I’m talking grrls. Mwhahahaha
  8. Lobster – I’d give my left labia to produce a fresh hot lobster in front of me at will…with a side of clarified butter pls!
  9. Smoothies – I make them almost every day. Straight fruit. Soooo yummy :D
  10. Sour Candy – I’m not sure why but I’m a total nut over sour candy like Sour Patch kids and Sour Gummy Worms. They make my mouth water *drool*
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  • The top two things women tweet they want the most is ice cream and pizza so it’s interesting (but not surprising) that neither of those is in your top 10. 3rd is a car and 4th is chocolate, though. If you look at just food you’re right on point with most women with coffee, sushi and chocolate. But you’re on the men’s side with alcohol and chicken. (Also not surprising considering your tomboy lean.) Lobster would probably be #1 on my list, followed VERY closely by a bone-in ribeye. Everything about Sushi is fucking outstanding and I could live on fajitas and enchilada soup. With ya on the sour side, too, LOVE gummy sweet tarts. The title of this post is on my bucket list. :-P Peace!

  • Food wise we would get along very good. Like my chicken tits deep fried and crusty! Or Dijon! Or Kiev! Or whatever…..