Dirty Talk

ah_dirty talkIf y’all get to hear me on “Tap That Ash” than you know I can be dirty. Now don’t laugh… This is the first time I’m sharing my erotic writing. I sent it to some lucky boy back in the day….

I want you.
I want to feel your desires and all your sins.
Drown me in your lust as you take me by the waist and pull me close.
Gather my hair in your hands and pull me into your wanting lips.
I want to feel your tongue dance behind my lips as my pussy starts to tingle.
Let your hands explore my body as you tempt to grab my neck.
Tease me with the lightest pressure as I lean into your palm and wonder down to my erect nipples.
Take my hand and make me grab your throbbing cock so my holes have an idea of what’s about to come.
Trace your fingers down my stomach,
sending electricity to my eager clit and tease my sensitive pelvic bone.
Trace my little pink girl lips with your lustful hands,
and watch my clit bounce at your every pleasurable command.
I want you to slide your fingertips in between,
and feel all my juices drip just from your touch.
I moan louder as my desire grows,
my hand still stroking your cock as I spit on it,
and make it as wet as my cunt.
I want you to throw me down on the bed and eat my naughty parts from behind.
Grab my ass forcefully and smack it as you bury your face in between.
Flick your tongue against my willing asshole and make it open for you.
You hold the key to that little hole and it’s all yours baby so take it.
Tease me with the tip of your rock hard dick,
and make my pussy beg with juice for more.
Trace those little pink lips making sure to tap my clit every time.
Rub your head in my pink fuck hole and make me beg for more.
I want to smother your face with my trembling pussy and my juicy ass.
You can feel the weight of my pleasure as I grind back and forth on your face,
getting wetter and wetter every motion.
As I moan in ecstasy you feel my juices drip down your chin.
I want you to fuck me against the wall, into the bed, on the couch, every surface imaginable.
I want you to pound my pussy to take your cock and pleasurably mold it to fit just you for the night.
Make me make puddles all of you,
and lick up all my squirt from my cunt when you’re done.
When you finish I want you to fill me up so I can feel your cock throb and come with you….
But we’re not done yet.
When I catch my breath after pleasurably panting,
I awaken your cock again and put it in my pretty little mouth.
You feel my tongue dance against your head as my hand strokes your cock.
My free hand explores your balls and teases your willing asshole.
I stroke long and slow at first teasing every inch of you.
As my speed begins to pick up you look down at my pretty blue eyes so eager to please you.
I want to feel you intensity as you get closer to coming and im on my knees begging for more of you silky sweet cum.
I want you to take your cock out of my mouth and make me lick your balls and ass and then lean back and paint my face with your fucking cum….
Then lean down and tell me,
“welcome home baby”

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