So we’ve been doing different things here at Juliland. One thing we started was doing VIDEO ANSWERS to the questions YOU sent in. Please remember we are still continuing this adventure so PLEASE send in some questions for me to answer within the next few weeks. We all know I love to talk, but I love to talk to you, and look at you. Not just wear out my masturbation hand on this keyboard. Carpal tunnel is absolutely no laughing matter.

Secondly, on the same subject as vids, I’m beginning to take request for custom videos! You can see some of the things I’ve done with other parties at these links on YouTube: (video by Eddie Powell) (video by Bikini Riot)

So, what I will need from you is to fill out this small questionnaire when you request a video if you could please. From there my team and I will be able to negotiate exactly what we can do! Also please note if you have or plan on buying something off of my wishlist (naughty/nice) we can also include that in the custom vid!

  1. What is the approximate length of the video?
  2. What is your budget for this video?
  3. Are there any special requests for wardrobe?
  4. Will you want any names or specific phrases?
  5. Will you want nudity/masturbation?
  6. Please describe what you would like the video to contain.

Let the personal shout outs and spank bank additions begin! LOVE ALL of you Fans out there. You are truly the best I could ever ask for.


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  • Gah! Too… many… options… Brain will explode! LOL Usually girls who do custom videos just take your payment & do a preset routine for all their fans. But then again, this is why you’re like no other girl! :) I’ll have to think about this & get back to ya. Guess I wouldn’t be able to have one done in time for my birthday tho.

  • Geoff

    I wish I couldve chatted w/you at AVNs but you were always super busy chatting w/everyone and taking the time to talk to each person (fans and otherwise) and not blow anyone off. You know as well as I do how some PS do that but you dont, which is really cool. When you werent chatting, you were dancing around having fun, which shows you’re so laid-back, which is a plus in my eyes :) Hope we an chat in person next time at AVNs.