Clean Freak

At least that is what I would title myself to a point. Living with people since the day I turned 18 has shown me that I have some freakishly OCD qualities when it comes to the cleanliness of my home. Although, I’m a total slob when it comes to my clothes. That is a newfound habit that I blame entirely on modeling and its constant game of packing and unpacking. After a couple weeks I’m drowning in a sea of black textiles searching for that one black thing. It is one of my many person hells (see previous blog for more).

I have these very strict rules about the kitchen. The whole basis behind my moderate germaphobia of this area of the house holds stems from the fact that all of my personal nourishment, my life force, comes from the kitchen. Think about it for a second. I could be the healthiest eater in the world, but if my pans are only half clean and my countertop is a mess…then what’s the point? On top of that, to me, nothing is worse than walking barefoot in the kitchen and having food and life shrapnel stuck to the bottom of my feet. OH, BUT WAIT!! These maybe the filthiest words I ever utter to you…..Sink full of dirty dishes. Gross. By the way, I practically alphabetize and categorize all things in the fridge and pantry.

So now that we have the first out of the way (yes, there’s so many more) lets talk about the next room I’m a little strange about: the bathroom.  My theory on the bathroom is this…Clean up immediately after yourself, and then there is never a giant mess to clean up. I know that I hate cleaning other people’s messes in the bathroom. I’ve lived with enough men to know your shaving habits are atrocious and girls shed like a fucking yeti. Loose hair not attached to the body is more repulsive to me than strangers touching my food (if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m highly neurotic). Bathroom things that drive me bonkers?… Crusty toothpaste, dirty mirror, scummy showers, clogged trains, toilet skid marks…Shall I go on?

Do you see a connection here? The place where I feed myself and the place where I get clean have to be perfect.  Although quite the opposite, my closet looks a couple cats in heat had a craigslist orgy in it, and my bed is never made. I despise putting clothes away. I’ll do laundry, sort it, fold it, but will not place it back in its appropriate place.

I was curious prior to writing this blog and sought to twitter for help. Some wonderful Ashaholics came back with their answer to “What is your least favorite place to clean in the house and why?”

@69PipeDreams: Kitchen…because the stove seems to be the hardest thing to clean in the whole house!

@JackyJoy: Bathroom…cmon we all know why.

@Angelo7266: The bathroom because it smells like piss and shit LOL.

@LolaMurder: toilet…I can’t do it without gagging at least once. Even when its already clean.

@nolookhook: the kitchen.. solely because of the freezer and the fridge.

@ItsDrentheNaked: Office! All the crap you don’t know what to do with piles up in the office.

@Steve_Landon: Kitchen! I frickin’ hate dishes!

@SeaMoneyy: The whole house, pride.

@formetoknownow: hate cleaning the tub-takes time to do it right.

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