Chicago Vacation

So I FINALLY took a vacation for myself and here’s a little picture blog for all of you that are curious!

Now Chicago is known for being the Windy City and that is absolutely no joke. It’s also known for its great food and I’ll admit the entire time I was there all I did was eat massive amounts of great food and have a lot of sex. I recommend both activities to stay warm while in this city.

Some of the photographs below we’re taken by Cody and others were site seeing photos from the trip. This city is so quiet and so clean compare to LA and the architecture is an amazing mix between old and new. We were right next to Lake Michigan which resembles a cold ocean if you’ve never seen it yourself.

We ate breakfast at Hash House a Go Go where they serve plates almost as large as me. I saw some signed menus on the wall and saw that Pink ate there once as well! Other places we tried were the Wilderry Cafe next to the River and a couple other small cafes.

For dinner we went to Mastro’s which is where the giant shrimp and steaks came from along with lobster mashed potatoes. The dessert they served was some kind of cheesecake bread pudding heaven! Another place that was recommended and similar was Prime. Both great places to check out.

Because I stayed at the W Lakeshore we also tried their restaurant for dinner and they had the best pork chop I’ve ever tasted in my life. If you’re into food like me, Chicago is the place to be.

Anyways enjoy the photos!

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