Wishes and Goals

I remember as a kid, wishing.....staring at the clouds just wishing for my future. I wished to be beautiful, happy, successful, and loved. For years I carried around that pocketful of wishes with pride, all the way until I became a young adult. Then one day I needed those wishes, because I needed them to [...]

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I Love Rollercoasters

I'm really not sure what kind of blog you were hoping for with that title, and quite honestly, it's been a short while since I wrote a fresh blog. So hot off my fingertips I'm sharing something special with my fans. This is an excerpt out of a journal entry of mine. I wanted to [...]

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Endless Summer Project

Everyone loves summer! Well my favorite part about summer so far was being a part of the #EndlessSummerProject by photographer Eric Reid. Shot in historic downtown Los Angeles, it really gives the feel of what it's like to have a chill day with me! We shot natural looks with natural light. Not only is Eric [...]

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Why I Hate the Internet

Don't get me wrong, the Internet is a beautiful thing. You can access information from and about anywhere/anything in the world and never leave your home. You can sit in your pjs, like I do, and learn new languages or skills. From the comfort of the close proximity of our kitchens and refrigerators, you and [...]

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Missing Ash? Cam, Customs, & More

Hey Ashaholics! As you heard on my announcement on Twitter, I'm taking a break from shooting. Before you get sad and miss me too much, don't worry. I'm still here for you all! My new career as a Health and Wellness coach has taken all of my free time and leaves me very little time [...]

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What in the world is ARTOPIA?! Sounds magical, like a unicorn or something. It's absolutely just as rare! I saw plenty of unicorns running around like Kaylani Lei, Ella Darling, and Annie Cruz... So what were we doing all covered in paint? Oh yeah and that's shirtless boy whore Dr. D, he belongs to Annie [...]

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