Okay, as we all know I am not allowed to have burgers. I’m allergic to 90% of a bacon cheese burger, BUT ITS SOO GOOD! Sometimes I break the rules. Okay…I break rules A LOT but we’re not talking about me, we’re talking BURGERS. I’ve lived in LA roughly about two years and I’m going to break down my moo-tastic blog worthy places I’ve been for a good slab of cow.

Umami:  these burgers have gourmet style and flavor explosion with every bite. A little on the pricey side but a trendy restaurant with a full bar, and the truffle oil fries…oh my god I’m drooling

Juicy Burger: I love this place because its open til 2 am and has a “build your own” style with an awesome choice is sauces. They absolutely live up to their name.

Fuku Burger: I tried this place just based on the name. This place has an Asian fusion meets burger taste and again fries that are so highly addictive they named their sauce “crack sauce.”

25 Degrees: I love the look of this place next to the Roosevelt and their burgers are huge! Always succulent and juicy and the restaurant is open 24 hours!

In&Out: Its fast, it good, what more could you ask for?

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