Yes, you read that correctly: BIRFFDAY. Because its exponentially more entertaining to say that “birthday.” It is that wonderful time of year where I realize that I have survived another year in this world without being killed by a jealous spouse in a fit of revenge. I know everyone maybe a little confused, but please let me explain…Memorial Day weekend marks my personal birthday every year, while mid March is the birth of the trouble maker “Ash Hollywood” you so kindly know me as.

NOW I PRESENT YOU WITH A CHALLENGE! If you happen to have a twitter, you best follow me or I’ll find you! After following please choose your favorite photo of me from or otherwise and make it your twitter avatar for my BIRFFDAY WEEKEND! The most dedicated Ashaholic will win a special prize!

Speaking of gifts and goodies n shit…If you are a kind lady or gentleman and you would like to give this lil monster, or my other little monsters (Lucifur and Satan) a gift for this momentous holiday, my wishlist can be found somewhere at the bottom of this page. I prefer educational things such as books or language tools but I take any and all donations given. I’ve previously been given half my weight in sour candy and oreos, so be as creative as you like. Bi monthly I do send out return gifts to those who request, and provide me with return address information. All gifts receive a special picture posted on here and twitter, and a huuuuuuuge thank you 

Oh, and you may also enjoy my dream cake found in this photo and at this link. Hint hint nom nom!

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