I am a very proud mother. Before you become all MILF lover on me, I must warn you, my babies are “fur babies”. *Que furry fetish* …just kidding. What I mean to say if I haven’t lost you already is that I am a mother to a cat and dog. Both babies are rescues, because that is the only way I will ever have my pets. Get used to hearing about these two, they’re my world.

My pussy is slender, petite, short haired, and black. Her name is Prada, and yes I am one of those girls that names their pets in a cliché way. Blow me. She is originally a Las Vegas native and is half Siamese. She loves fresh fish, and long walks from the kitchen to the window. Prada also has amazing skills in sun-bathing, laser chasing, and fetch. Her turn ons are belly scratching and cuddling. Turn offs include but are not limited to loud noises and strange animals. There is no particular preference to the company of a man or woman but I’ve seen her lap whore more times to men (they have extravagantly warm crotches due to testicular heat). Currently she is suffering from an addiction to the gateway drug, catnip.

The only male ginger who will ever have my heart is my Lucifer aka “Lou”. He is a runaway who’s been behind bars multiple times. My Boggy (Boy + Doggy) has been with me for almost three years now and was already in his doggy pre teens when I got him. Aka roughly 4 years human. He’s red, white, with one hazel eye and one half blue eye. He loves long walks anywhere, cookies, rawhides, tag, stealing gum, and binging on stolen loafs of bread. Lou is not much of a cuddler although he does enjoy a good brushing and belly rubbing. The little demon only listens to Mom and absolutely despises baths.

The babies are good to each other and live like a miserable married couple. They really don’t pay attention to one another unless Lucifer fancies striking up a game of tag. His rules are “you’re it, I quit” so he really is a shitty player. Quite honestly I think Lou doesn’t eat the cat because he’s fond of her color. I’m convinced my dog has jungle fever (Black Labs/Mixes usually) and my kitty is feline xenophobic.

Welcome to the Furry Fiascos…a regular mention in this blog, I’m sure.


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