What in the world is ARTOPIA?! Sounds magical, like a unicorn or something. It’s absolutely just as rare! I saw plenty of unicorns running around like Kaylani Lei, Ella Darling, and Annie Cruz… So what were we doing all covered in paint? Oh yeah and that’s shirtless boy whore Dr. D, he belongs to Annie (aka Captain America). Back to the regular scheduled programming….

ARTOPIA had its second annual event this year downtown LA. I have to admit when I walked in I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole. There were so many amazing art exhibits to see and art vendors to buy from! Although the heard of unicorns and I were up to something pretty special with Bohemian Society, a Los Angeles born clothing company. Victor Wilde is the genius behind the line and well… Madness soon follows. He used us gentlemen and ladies as human screen prints! Pretty cool huh?

We spent a better part of the evening getting painted in single layers, pressed against cloth, and then those pieces were taken by realtime seamstresses in our exhibit and made into original pieces of clothing. In between cold presses (we were naked haha) we also spent time in a shadow box doing insanely sexually suggestive things.

Anyways, here’s some of the photos from Bohemian Society at ARTOPIA! Enjoy! Oh yeah and I’m pretty stoked to have one of a kind Bohemian Society underwear. THANKS VICTOR!

Twitter: @bohemiansociety @victorwilde @kaylani_lei @anniefuckincruz @drdlifestyle

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