Ash’s Guide to Getting Down

I have a certain unique way of doing things. My pattern and way of life have rubbed off on a few people and they also have seemed to be successful with it, so I thought I would share it. We all have a routine we follow daily, so here’s ten Ash Antics to try from the beginning of your day all the way until sun rise (because that’s usually when I rest my pretty little head).

  1. Listen to music while getting ready that fits that day’s mood. I have a variety of electronic, dubstep, punk, and heavy metal I listen to.
  2. Dance, especially when unhappy. I understand this sounds cheesy, but doing something that makes me feel goofy also makes me feel at ease and less stressed.
  3. Dress for the day’s mood. When I feel mischievous I dress as so, if I feel happy and innocent I dress girly, although,  if I’m feeling ill or hung over I make an extra effort to look good so that I in turn feel good.
  4. Listen more than talking. Geniuses talk about ideas, people talk about other people, and assholes talk about themselves. Just by listening I find it easier to know which new friends I’d like to make in my day.
  5. Indulge and treat yourself. Every day is about my wellbeing and happiness. I spoil myself often, I’m sure you deserve it also.
  6. Eat before drinking. ALWAYS. Getting sick and making a fool of yourself is never fun, and hard to make people forget.
  7. When going out, there is absolutely no such thing as looking too good. If I walk into a setting and I’m over dressed, I’m perfectly okay with it. In fact, it makes me feel phenomenal because everyone is watching.
  8. When hooking up, go to their house. I always go to the other person’s house so that I can leave when I want to (immediately) and I can sleep in my own bed, alone. It saves me from the “how do you take your eggs and may I call you” talk.
  9. Bring sunglasses. Trust me, there’s nothing like doing the early walk of shame without them. Its blinding, and much more tolerable hidden behind shades.
  10. DON’T GIVE A FUCK. Live for yourself, love yourself. No one else can do it for you or as well.
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  • Asspamphlet2012

    Cool blog. Keep up the good work!

  • i completely agree to this entire thing though i will say number 6 does not help when you get a sneak attack from Kraken

  • Myfilthyhalf

    Now THAT is the way to live “stay Ash” my friends

    • I have been coined as “the most interesting porn star” ;)

      • Jetz13gizmo

        That’s because you lived in the UP :P

        • That region does make for interesting people. There’s so little to do!

  • What an awesome list, you are correct about everything!!! I love #2 haha, yes it might seem a little goofy at first, but who cares!? Soon you’ll be laughing and having a good time, can def change your attitude and how your day will go!

    • I’m a firm believer in, “everything is what you make it.”

  • Sexxxxy and Wise! My kind of woman ;)

  • NickSilly

    I like #8 and I’m eagerly anticipating the night you love and leave me. I don’t have enough eggs for you anyway. Plus I’m out of salsa. If you come back bring some fucking salsa.