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Well hello everyone! Im so fucking happy to let you in on my new Podcast show – Ashaholics, at the one and ONLY  This is my chance to invite friends, answer your questions, give you my opinions and just have fucking fun.  You better check it out, give it a listen and come have fun with us.  We have a fucking blast making it, so please let us know what you think.  You can reach me here at  Thank you!

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  • Never did get around to doing another video email blog, huh? LOL Just kidding. Girls who love hockey are so sexy. Well except for Sarah Palin. My new goal in life is to go to a hockey game with you, preferably one that my Rangers are playing. Your Wings or Kings may be the opponent. I wanna see how many fights we can get into with fans before we get thrown out. :)

    • hopefully we do another video blog soon but we don’t seem to have them on a regular schedule yet. also, i’m not getting very many helpful emails lately. I also answered your email earlier today

  • Hell yes, Detroit Red Wings! And lets be real, no one actually likes the Kings! I was there when they won the cup, and there was nothing but bandwagon fans, who didn’t know anything about hockey! Hopefully if you visit Detroit, it will be a time when I’m in town!

    • Thats so true! I’m a Kings fan by default so I can watch hockey in LA haha