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Well hello everyone! Im so fucking happy to let you in on my new Podcast show – Ashaholics, at the one and ONLY  This is my chance to invite friends, answer your questions, give you my opinions and just have fucking fun.  You better check it out, give it a listen and come have fun with us.  We have a fucking blast making it, so please let us know what you think.  You can reach me here at  Thank you!

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  • This. Is. Awesome. Thank you Mr. Avery for giving Ms. Ash yet another forum for her to dispense her words of wisdom! Cannot wait to hear what y’all have in stored for us Ashaholics! Damn, now I wish me & @PSpinPoker had copyrighted the phrase when he coined it! LOL

    • Thank you! Thanks for the name! Ash loves it just as much as i do. Enjoy & there is 9 more episodes coming. ALL fun & ALL good. every friday…

  • Sandra_Dee

    That was so Awesome and fun. Can’t wait for the rest of them.

    Take Care,

    • Thank you Sandra! You’ve always been very giving in your support and kindness. I love you for it!

  • That was a fun listen. I hope that the subsequent episodes are longer!

    • The first series of episodes will be ten minutes. If the feedback is as positive as we hope, we’ll look into making them longer :)

  • marian

    im confused.isnt lexi belle and aiden ashley a couple for a year now?