Ash Hollywood 036

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  • Damn, I have to admit this one kinda scares me. LOL Was this the aftermath from the EVOL Panda shoot in 027?

    • This is the aftermath of her eating the panda! raw!!! :-)

    • what a good detective you are…. haha yes you can tell from the make up

      • Haha You know I’m a stickler for details & always notice the little things while everyone else is gawking at the obvious stuff. ;)

  • i read on tweeter that u were SAD :( because their werent many comments Now we cant have that & i really love ur BLOOD SOAKED work but u know this Allready PS this is @TimOz666 MY BLOOD SOAKED BLUE EYED MONSTER :)

    • you are quite the die hard fan Tim. As always, thank you for the love.

  • Timmychainga

    Ohhhhh shooot. I was supposed to comment on yer blog like weeks ago, cuz I said I would on twitter. But as usual I’m fuckin lateto the party! Sorry Hun, now I got a lot of back commenting to do. No biggie, right? Cuz then it’s gonna flood your inbox like Wale flooding the strip clubs with dolla dolla bills y’all!


    • No worries! I’m trying to get better at interacting and commenting as well ;)

  • Engineer_Rhino

    Wow, this is a fantastic set of photos! I just LOVE the makeup done on this shoot!