Ash Hollywood 035

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  • This might be the best photo set I’ve ever seen.

  • cHris

    You look sooo awesome in that colour

  • You kinda look like Tate from American Horror Story when he’s in the Rubber Man suit. Wait, I hope that didn’t sound too gay.

    • I miss that show! i want more from it. That rubber suit was pretty scary. Good touch to the show

      • Season 2 starts next month! By the previews it looks like it’ll be even sicker than the 1st season! :)

  • Pk-Dj

    I have no idea why I find this so attractive. What is the black paint stuff called?

    • The paint happens to be regular water based craft paint, although there are latex versions which when dry and pulled on give another cool effect.

  • Lns_one

    girl you are too sexy I want a girl like you