Aroused Project

As you all may have heard in my most recent Ashaholic podcast I was involved in a wonderful opportunity gifted to me by Deborah Anderson, creator and visionary behind The Aroused Project. What started as some natural make up, and some simple neon kitten Jimmy Choo heels, grew into a breathtaking photo-book and an emotionally unveiling movie. This documentary film literally gets in bed with some of the most beautiful and well known girls in the industry such as Belladonna, Jesse Jane, and Kayden Kross plus many more.

The BEST news I have for you all is that YOU CAN NOW ENJOY THIS AT HOME! The movie is now for sale on Amazon: HERE and the book for sale: HERE

As for me, I’ll be at the private screening on Wednesday and attempting to grace the red carpet without falling in my seven inch heels. Although, don’t get discouraged ladies and gentlemen. If you would also like to see Aroused on the big screen YOU CAN… This Friday in Hollywood itself (no, not ME – just in my neck of the woods) at the Chinese Theatre 6801 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028.