Adult Pre-K and Kindergarten

ah_kinderDoes anyone reading this remember preschool or kindergarten? I remember the simple things from then; many lessons I use still to this day. I’m not going to lie, there are probably a few grades I should re-take. Until just 20 minutes ago I realized I’ve been spelling “kindergarten” wrong. As one can also tell my punctuation isn’t always on point, but I try! Just recently in my life I’ve been wondering why people can’t just do good, or even attempt to do the right thing. So what if adults were forced to take these earliest days of education over? Honestly, I think the world would be a better place.

I’m not saying everyone should learn their shapes and basic numbers again, although I don’t think it would hurt. I’m putting more emphasis on the basic social skills learned in the early years. Social skills learned are things like, waiting in line, following direction, sharing items, basic hygiene and cleaning. From my keen observations it seems adults have forgotten to do most of these things. I say this because I live with several “adults” and work with other “adults.” Note the quotations….So here’s 5 basic lessons I feel we could relearn and why.

1. Waiting your turn – Whether this be in traffic, conversation, or in bed — Adults tend to forget common curtsies, and allowing others to go when its their turn. Always remember, LADIES FIRST.

2. Sharing toys and words – Sharing is caring so share your fun, your genitalia, your weed, and your thoughts. Hold all that in and I’m sure you’ll burst! Plus, no one likes passive aggression so speak your mind!

3. Basic cleaning – WHEN YOU PICK SOMETHING UP PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS. That may include your local hooker. Trust me, someones looking for her. Clean up your own mess, especially if its on a girls face…and last but not least, make your bed.

4. Basic hygiene – Brush your teeth, especially your tongue (gross if you don’t, nasty ass). Wash your hands, especially if its covered in pussy. Wouldnt want your other playground girlfriend finding out.

5. Manners – Say please and thank you before and then after your blowjobs, when she makes you bacon in the morning, and of course for that morning sex that will come after having GREAT MANNERS.

Well Class is over! Obviously we’ve changed the lesson plan to cater to adults, but everyone please remember to do your homework. Pop quiz tomorrow!

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