A Peek Into A Week

So since I haven’t been tweeting much lately, I’m sure all of you Ashaholics are just crawling out of your skin to know what I’ve been up to lately! Well here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to this last week….

I have a new tattoo now! I was invited to be part of a project down at Skid Row Tattoo (you may know the name from Mister Cartoon). This shop was super secret and super sick. I wanted to rub my vagina all over the classic low rider collection below the shop. For the video blog being recorded, I asked Tony Tattoo to give me a feather as you can see below.

Other photos you can see in my week…Cody Sky and I are total fat kids, so don’t mind the plentiful amounts of food photos. In one were at a place called “Beer and Salsa,” which is exactly what they serve and more. Last night we ventured around the Farmers Market and even grabbed some BBQ with the infamous Lucifer H. Wood. He had his first encounter with a meat market and was really upset with the clear force field blocking the meat.

Also, if you guys didn’t look at the photos yet (I can’t imagine why you’re still reading this when there is pictures available) than you’d also see that I now have long hair! Don’t worry Ashaholics, it’s a temporary change. Ill be rocking this hair for a mainstream movie roll I have called “Bro, What Happened?!” It will be filmed this next week. Also in the upcoming ComiCons I’ll be appearing as Harley Quinn!

Other than all that you can see I meet some interesting people in Hollywood, and sometimes I go see an occasional show. The last one was the Summer Slaughter Tour at the House of Blues, and of course there’s some work selfies thrown in there too!

What have YOU done all week?

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