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photo 1Ironically I’m writing this blog at 6:51 am after a terrible spout of insomnia. It is through my weekend trials and tribulations with sleeping that I bring my fellow Ashaholics this article. Yes, a girl the general public has labeled a porn star is encouraging you to read more, and not just my fun little blogs. Recently (just a couple minutes ago) I came across an article released by the Huffington Post that suggests that reading a real book with pages and a spine (You know, the ones before the downloadable eBooks that you had to physically turn the pages to. Remember those?) may actually improve your quality of life and especially your brain.

  1. Classic chill pill – Mindlab International at the University of Sussex released research finding that in just SIX MINUTES of reading a book the heart rate slowed down and muscle tension was reduced significantly.
  2. Keeps your brain sharp – Try these stats on for size posted in an online journal for Neurology: 32 percent of participants had a lower rate of mental decline previous to their deaths at 89 JUST FROM FREQUENT READING. On the opposing side, those with infrequent reading habits or mental activity had a 48 percent faster rate of decline compared to the average group.
  3. Keep away Alzheimer’s – It’s a disease that is no fun for anyone, and quite heartbreaking. Although with reading its proven to exercise the brain itself. Just like we condition our bodies, the mind must also be used or…lost.
  4. Better sleep – Yes, a classic book does more good that a Nook. Lights from electronics trick the brain into thinking its time to wake up. Many sleep experts have recommended using a good ol’ book to distress as a pre-bed wind down.
  5. Increased empathy –  “Losing yourself” in a fictional book or character has actually been proven in a recent study published in PLOS ONE that shows an increase in empathy.
  6. Help yourself –  The same journal that published #5 also found that reading self help books can help readers reduce their own depression. Other studies show that reading self help books can also aid in helping severe depression as its more of a “low-intensity (self) intervention.”
  7. MIND READING?! – Okay, this one was far fetched even for me, but it also sort of lies under #5 as well. The study can be published in the journal of Science and shows that just by reading literature we can strengthen our ability to read others thoughts and feelings.

For more information on this article please click here on the Huffington Post’s original link:  7 Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books

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