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ah_moviesI was checking out my movie collection the other day. Its honestly not that extensive now that everything is digital and streaming, although I’ve some good choices in here. Do any of these compare to your movie collections?

  1. Aeonflux – I’m a sucker for futuristic movies and have even more of a weakness to Charlize Theron.
  2. Battle Royal – This was the ORIGINAL version of Hunger Games, and even better version. Japan and Korea do gore far better than us.
  3. Boondock Saints – If you don’t enjoy this movie, we can’t be friends. I watch this at least once a month.
  4. The Craft – Make fun of me all you want but bad grrls are fucking sexy.
  5. Crash – Another classic that must be seen if not already. The display of common ignorance and racism that ends in a mind-blowing plot twist is just brilliant.
  6. Donnie Darko – I want an army of Evil Bunnies like Fred from this movie.
  7. Evil Dead – If by any chance you are a zombie fan the entire Evil Dead series is one to see, and we all know how much I love zombies.
  8. The Fifth Element – Another movie I watch soley for a slender beauty by the name of Milla Jovovich. I often quote her while eating chicken.
  9. Fight Club– I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I’m going to any ways. Edward Norton is amazing to say the least and Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler, was in many of my wankable fantasies.
  10. The Girl Next Door – I bought this movie only because everyone says I look exactly like Elisha Cuthbert. “I’m all wet, can I come in?” Oh yeah, and she plays a porn star in the movie.
  11. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Who Played with Fire, Who Kicked the Hornets Nest – This is, of course, the Swedish releases of the movie. Sorry US but the Swedish did it better! These subtitled movies are worth watching on a lazy Sunday.
  12. Gladiator- This is a great movie to have on hand if a guy is coming over. Its definitely a mans movie.
  13. Gremlins – I’m an 80s kid and my childhood consisted of watching this movie A LOT. I love Gizmo, he’s so fucking cute.
  14. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Some people watch comedies to cheer them up, and I watch scary films. What does that say about me?
  15. Office Space- I can only say one thing about this…”Have you seen my stapler?”
  16. Pulp Fiction – Need I say anything about this movie? I think it speaks for itself.
  17. Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Damnit Janet!” I’ve seen the plays, and know all the words!
  18. Snatch- “Ya’ll like dags?” I know I do. Yet again another movie where I love Pitt’s character and want to bang him.
  19. The Lost Boys- This is a vampire movie from when vampires were bad ass…not all sappy and fucking glittery.
  20. The Nightmare Before Christmas- Tim Burton’s old films are the best. I watch this twice a year on my two favorite holidays.

So what in you collection? I didn’t name ALL of mine off. Just the first 20 that really stood out to me or that I watch often. Do we have any in common?

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  • Evelyn Mae James

    This list is so similar to mine I had nothing to add. Battle Royale was legit, but the second one wasn’t worth it.
    Okay. I might switch out Donnie Darko for Control, Jurassic Park, or Twister. But honestly other than that, spot-on list.

    • So many in common! That’s amazing! I haven’t seen Control; ill check it out.

      • Evelyn Mae James

        Haha, yeah, it’s nice to see almost my own collection up here! Control was a movie about Joy Division and Ian Curtis – something one of my friends brought over for a random movie night in the snow. It rocked. Depressing kind of, but seeing as we have almost the same eye for movies, it’s a good flick to stream!

  • ☛ alVIn ☚

    If it’s at all possible, I think I love you even more now. LOL I have almost all the same movies except for a few. Haven’t seen Crash yet but will have to check it out now. No Evil Dead yet. I’m waiting for a newer Blu-ray version with some cool extras. No Millennium Trilogy either as I’m waiting for the Extended boxset to go down in price. I did like Fincher’s remake tho. Surprised you didn’t mention any Disney or Pixar movies. I’m a sucker for those! I’ll have to go thru my vast collection (4 DVD & 1 Blu-ray bookcases worth) & see what ones I’ll choose. :)

    • Man that’s so many movies! I have so many movies in my streaming library! This is just the collection before I stopped collecting

      • ☛ alVIn ☚

        Ok, here’s my list of 20. Took awhile to whittle it down but hope you like it! :)

        1. Airplane! – “Surely you can’t be serious? I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.” 33 years later & it’s still one of the funniest movies of all time!

        2. Aladdin – My favorite Disney movie of all time! They’re supposed to make it into a Broadway play next year! :)

        3. American Psycho – I loved Bret Easton Ellis’ book & I think this is still Christian Bale’s best performance to date.

        4. Big Fish – Tim Burton’s most underrated film, in my opinion. I think guys tend to relate to this movie more than girls. It really connected with me cos it came out the same time my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Don’t worry, it got taken care of & he’s fine now.

        5. Clerks – Still Kevin Smith’s best work, plus it’s about Jersey!

        6. Clue – Yes, it’s based on the board game but it’s one of the most underrated comedies of all time. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet queue that shit up!

        7. The Crow – One of the best comic book movies ever. Add in Brandon Lee’s tragic death on set & you just can’t shake the creepiness & grim irony of this film.

        8. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story – One of my favorite comedies ever. I have to stop what I’m doing & watch it everytime it’s on TV & the jokes never get old.

        9. The Emperor’s New Groove – The most underrated Disney film in my opinion. It’s absolutely hilarious! Yzma & Kronk are so fuckin’ funny!

        10. Fever Pitch – Even tho it’s about the Red Sox, it perfectly illustrates my devotion to sports. Plus Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore are so cute together!

        11. The Hangover – Even tho the sequels didn’t live up to the hype, I still think it’s one of the funniest movies ever.

        12. Just Friends – Another underrated comedy. Seriously, who doesn’t like Ryan Reynolds? Anna Farris is pure gold in this as well. Also, it’s about Jersey. LOL

        13. Lilo & Stitch – My favorite Disney character of all time, as I’m sure you’ve probably figured out.

        14. Mean Girls – Lohan’s best role. Tina Fey’s script was absolutely brilliant.

        15.Murderball – I need to watch this more often. Incredible documentary about the 2005 US wheelchair rugby team. Mark Zupan will probably become your hero after you watch it. LOL

        16. Reservoir Dogs – My favorite movie of all time & Tarantino’s best film in my opinion.

        17. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – My favorite comic book movie of all time & that’s saying alot! The most faithful interpretation from page to screen. Everything about this was perfect!

        18. Se7en – Fincher’s best original film to date. All his other works have been adapted from books. Absolutely incredible performance by all the actors & one of the most shocking endings in film history.

        19. Trainspotting – Another underrated movie based on Irvine Welsh’s amazing book. Doesn’t hurt that it boasts one of the greatest soundtracks ever.

        20. William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet – I love Baz Luhrmann’s work & this is his best to date. The actors, the sets, the costumes & the music… everything was spot on!

        • Awesome collection! I’d say I like about 10 of those. So adorable you’re also a Disney fan (:

          • ☛ alVIn ☚

            Aww, well 50% isn’t bad I guess? LOL I forgot to add Dawn Of The Dead (Zack Snyder’s version). My favorite zombie movie hands down.

  • Ash’s Mumz

    What happened to The Sweetest Thing?

    • Remember I don’t have a lot of things from living in Colorado anymore.

  • Good list. I have or love most of these. The “why I hate Christmas” story from Gremlins is one of the best moments in all of movies.

    Have you seen Cronenberg’s movie called Crash? It’s about a group of people who get aroused by car crashes. Worth a look.

    Favorites from my collection that don’t crossover with your list:
    Beyond the Black Rainbow
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    The Producers
    Angel Heart
    The Devil’s Rejects
    Die Hard
    Ghostbusters 1 & 2
    Hot Fuzz
    The Big Lebowski
    La Feme Nikita

  • João da Silva Arruda

    How could you not have the Matrix? Does anyone not remember Trinity in her dominatrix gear. And how about Larry Warchowski now being Lana Warchowski? It’s just really nice to see a transgender person recognized. I really would have liked to see some less commercial and less American main stream stuff. Every seen City of God?

  • NickSilly

    The best Rocky experience I had was a community college play that included muppets in the audience. Hilarious. ps. I renewed Netflix in order to watch Aeon Flux on my neighbors projection TV wall after dark. If I ever met Charlize Theron she would hate me because I would jizz my pants in her presence.

  • 2ndbase

    2009 Ink, 2010 True Grit, 2011 Battle Los Angelous, 2012 Hunger Games, 2013 World War Z, 2014 Maleficent, 2015 Mad Max Fury Road…