Rumor has it the world is going to suddenly end of the last day of the Mayan calendar. Although prideful that such an event is not going to occur, I began to consider such a possibility. If there was only eighteen days left from today (the day I’m writing this blog), what would I do with my time left? At first I wanted to immediately spend time with my family and let everyone close to me know that I love them, and in reality I am, but playful and imaginative me began thinking of wilder things I’ve missed out on so far in my twenty-three years.  I’ve almost lived a quarter of a century, or nearly two and a half decades, and I’ve never thought an end would be near so of course I haven’t done everything my little desolate heart desired.

Top Ten Things to do Before the End:

  1. Heli Snowboard in Whistler, BC – my favorite place to ride ever!
  2. Travel to Europe – Imagine sitting at a Paris café with coffee, enjoying a cigarette
  3. Surf in Hawaii – I’ve never learned to surf!
  4. Get caught in a celebrity scandal – I always thought I would die via jealous house wife.
  5. Save a life – although I’ve technically saved 5 year olds from drowning, this never gets old.
  6. Skydive – Not strapped to someone, that’s lame. All on my own :D
  7. Become Famous in Tokyo – I don’t care how I do it, I’ll find a way. I have plenty of School girl outfits.
  8. Drop acid at Disneyland – I want my real life Alice in Wonderland.
  9. Marry Richard Avery – If its going to be anyone, may as well be the best.
  10. Die mid orgasm – Hey I’ll be smiling! Crossing my fingers that goes along with number 9

What ten things would you do?

Personally I hope the world ends via zombies. I’ve been studying and reading up on my zombie material. Was even gifted a custom made zombie bat this year by a dedicated fan named Ian.

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