10 Reasons I’m Un-Dateable

ah_undatable10 Reasons I’m Un-Dateable

  1. My pets are people to me. No seriously, I have full conversations with them, my Instragram and Vine are all about their furry butts, AND Lu and Prada have their very on twitters. Leo has one soon to come.
  2. My work has priority. I’ve always been this way, and it’s a common complaint that I work too much and I never have time for anyone.
  3. I don’t like to leave the house. This is a bad habit as of late. On my days off I just can’t pry myself away from all my food, TV, computer, or animals! Especially with this adorable new addition Leo. I think my fridge became only alcohol, take out and left overs before I last went shopping.
  4. I don’t like to drive.  I’m a rarity, a porn performer with a drivers license AND a car! I’ve already been in two car-totaling accidents (not my fault) in California though so it takes a lot for me to drive around LA.
  5. I love girls, and very openly.  Okay, some of you may laugh because most men think, “Oh its no problem if my girl flirts and makes out with girls,” until they date me and I leave them at the bar to go spend the night with a woman instead of him.  Yeah, I’m a little rude, but mostly a cock blocker.
  6. I perform in adult films. Again, this is another one where most men would dream of dating a porn performer…until they actually do. I’ve dating non-performers and performers in this career, and the performers were actually the most jealous!
  7. I’m not the marrying type and I don’t want kids. Eventually I will have a home outside of a major city, possibly on a lake with a small farm. I’m really not the institutionalized marrying type. This ruins it for all hopeless romantics who meet me.
  8. I’m insufferably sarcastic, always.  I have the dry sense of humor and ability to keep a straight face that makes people remarkably uncomfortable. People who know me well catch on to me eventually. Really, just keep in mind that I’m never serious – I’m just really good at pretending.
  9. I hate being told what to do, and I’m highly defiant. I don’t need to be tamed; honestly, I just need someone to run wild with me. If you tell me one thing, I’ll probably just do the other to get a reaction.
  10. I get bored easy. Even if you happen to stick it out through all of that, I’ll probably still get bored and leave…or just pick up another couple guys and girls in the rotation.

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