10 Killer Addictions

UnknownFortunately for me, I’ve had a lot of experiences in life. Unfortunately I’ve picked up a collection of habits that may or not be costly to my life. To say the least, I probably won’t live a long and healthy life but an abbreviated amazing one. If you’ve ever wondered what the words are tattooed on my shoulders, they are exactly this concept of indulgence. They say, “What nourishes me destroys me” (in Latin). What destroys you my Ashaholics? *que devlish grin*

1. Wine – Obviously they say one glass of wine a day is good for your health, the rest of the bottle is just for my flawless dance moves. Lots of Risky Business reenactments in my socks…
2. Whisky – So I’m not a level 100 alcoholic, but I can drink. With a drink of choice that’s about 40% alcohol it’s easy to obtain alcohol poisoning, impaired judgement, and other complications usually seen in alcoholism.
3. Smoking – It’s no joke quitting smoking. I love the relaxing feel after that first seductive exhale.
4. Fried food – Im the baby Paula Deen of cooking things in butter, and I also come from the Midwest where everything is deep fried and breaded. Did someone say deep friend Oreos?! Oh.. And I’m gluten free so you can see how my gluttony is slow agonizing poison.
5. Staying up late – I’m a shit morning person…Not even human until I’ve ingested an entire pot of coffee. This also turns into a vicious circle of insomnia and caffeine but even so night is my most productive time of day!
6. Dating – I date men and women, and we all know how crazy we drive each other in different ways! Well on top of that I usually date several people at once so I’m just asking for trouble!
7. Speeding – I just want to to high or fast! I’m a pretty quick thinker, but something about fast reactions and good intuition while racing anything is very alluring to me. I love the adrenalin during the signal to begin. Oh and speaking of…
8. Adrenalin – Snowboarding, wake boarding, skydiving… Doesn’t matter. I have a whole blog on adrenalin filled first dates you can bring me on.
9. Hallucinations – I just enjoy a good journey. It’s not often, but I’ll leave it at that (;
10. Sex  – I’m working my way towards being a sex addict and I’ve had lots of rich and interesting encounters over the years. Why stop now? I’m only a quarter through with my life!

Comment now and tell me your sinful bad habits!

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