10 Healthy Things

popeyespinachSo Ashaholics I’m not sure if you’ve picked up what I’m putting down lately, but not only is Doc Hollywood concerned with your sexual health, but also your physical health! So as your random health tid-bit of the month, here are 10 healthy things I’m eating and you should too!

1. Lemons – I put this little yellow sucker on almost everything! They contain 100% of your daily vitamin C and they’ve been shown to improve cholesterol and strengthen bones.

2. Broccoli – I use to ask for “more trees,” as a kid, and I’m still in love with this veggie. It’s rich in vitamin K and C, and may help ward of some cancers.

3. Dark Chocolate – No one would ever think candy was healthy, but every girl is happy this one is! It can boost moods in women and even improve blood pressure.

4. Potatoes (Red and Sweet) – I always make garlic mashed red potatoes, skin on with steamed cauliflower. It’s great for picky eaters who don’t eat veggies. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and oh so yummy!

5. Salmon – Fish is so good, especially this one packed with omega-3s. This food had been shown to help with cancer, depression, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s or memory loss (good for stoners too!)

6. Walnuts – I love nuts, and not just the ones you’re thinking of. These nuts are also rich in omega-3s and contain melatonin which aid in sleep.

7. Avocado – I put it in eggs, on sandwiches, and salads. They’re a great summer snack with chips, and help Lowe cholesterol and heart disease.

8. Garlic – Literally, I use garlic in almost everything. It’s so delicious! As a natural disease fighter it kills bacteria and works as an anti-inflammatory.

9. Spinach – Essentially I’m the female version of Popeye when it comes to spinach, and even add it to smoothies or eggs. Of all foods that fight cancer, spinach has proven to be the best!

10. Beans – Refried beans, beans and rice, bean salad, BBQ beans…doesn’t matter I eat them all. Mexican food is my weakness! Tip: the darker the bean the more antioxidants it contains!

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