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Ash – Strip LV_05

Photos by StripLV Magazine

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Wishes and Goals

I remember as a kid, wishing…..staring at the clouds just wishing for my future. I wished to be beautiful, happy, successful, and loved. For years I carried around that pocketful of wishes with pride, all the way until I became a young adult. Then one day I needed those wishes, […]

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Ash – Strip LV_04

Photos by StripLV Magazine

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I Love Rollercoasters

I’m really not sure what kind of blog you were hoping for with that title, and quite honestly, it’s been a short while since I wrote a fresh blog. So hot off my fingertips I’m sharing something special with my fans. This is an excerpt out of a journal entry […]

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Ash – Strip LV_03

Photos by StripLV Magazine

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Ash – Strip LV_02

Photos by StripLV Magazine

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BIG NEWS: SeedAndSpark.com

BIG NEWS:  I’m very excited to announce our SeedAndSpark.com campaign for our documentary Greatest Hits.  What is this?  This is our Crowd Funding campaign to raise money to make this happen.  Please go to SeedAndSpark.com and check out our campaign today for details.  You will learn more about the documentary […]

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BIG NEWS: Greatest Hits

BIG NEWS:  We are very excited to announce that our fearless leader, Richard Avery, has joined in on a very cool project.  He is Producing his first Documentary.  Lets just say he’s helping out where ever he can!  This is a BIG deal for Richard, because he gets to take his […]

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Endless Summer – Eric Reid

Follow Eric Reid and the project on Twitter or Instagram at. Also check out the other sexy ladies he’s shot at http://endlesssummer.findrow.com/

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Ashaholics_e54 – Mo Reese

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Ashaholics_e53 – Mo Reese

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Ashaholics_e52 – Mo Reese

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