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Hey Ashaholics!

I love you all and thank you so much for all the support! You guys rock. So in Ashland it’s been a busy year, and I’ve got so much more coming. I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been traveling and sort of cheating on […]

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BIG NEWS: RemyMeow.com

JULILAND NEWS: What is cute, sassy, sexy, smart, tasty and makes you beg for more?  NOT a Cronut stupid!  That would be the delicious Remy LaCroix and I’m so thrilled to announce that she has JOINED the Juliland Universe with her new site RemyMeow.com!  Remy has been in “the biz” for […]

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This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Did you know that “Love” backwards spells “Evol”? Granted, I’m fully aware that it is spelled incorrectly, but here in the Juliland Universe we have Evol Grrls with lots of love to spread! I’m only a whopping twenty-five years young but in my quarter life it seems a few things […]

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BIG NEWS: iHeartNikki.com

JULILAND NEWS:  All in the game yo!  That is the “Juliland Universe” game.  We are super excited to add the sexy and sassy Nikki Next to our Juliland family with her brand new site iHeartNikki.com!  Nikki is not new to the industry, but is new to Juliland.  She dipped her toes into […]

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Ash’s Top Porn Picks

SO as you may have heard, it was a good year for me! So to sum up 2014 I wanted to give you guys, the fans (and ladies too of course!) a watch list of my favorite movies I starred in this year. In the comments section feel free to […]

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Ash – haus of se7en_07

Photographs by HAUS OF SE7EN

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Women’s Traveling Tips

I’d like to think I’ve become a bit of a Jedi in the traveling department, especially for a girl. Now, my system works if you’re not high maintenance. On a scale of 1 – Lady Gaga, I would say I’m about a 5. My clothing style is simple, comfortable (especially […]

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Ashaholics_e49 • Mo & Twitter

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Ashaholics_e48 • Mo Reese

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Ashaholics_e47 • Jason Phoenix

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